Taxonomy is the most recent design store within the new Hotel Carlota, and was born with the premise of being a commercial exhibition space which houses a variety of projects selected and thought for the national and international consumer.
Through this store we will seek not only the sale and dissemination of projects, but also generate a complete design experience which will serve as a promotion and channel for the tourist around the hotel.
This space is run by the multidisciplinary firm La Metropolitana, focused on generation, management, analysis and materialization of design and architecture in the company of Laura Natividad, a Mexican architect who was part of the development team for the Carlota Hotel concept.
The primary objective of the store is to continue opening the way to The entire national creative industry, offering the most careful curatorship in its selection of brands and trying to achieve the greatest possible visibility.
It is about creating a formal space Meeting point for national design, Taxonomía offers the most exclusive collections and pieces by Mexican designers and has in mind to become a point of discovery, exhibition and sale to promote new talents in the industry and reinforce established creatives. < / div>
It is essential for creativity, whatever the category, that projects can be profitable for their creators and founders, that is why the arrival of new points of sales, refresh the creative scene and promote from a new aesthetic and curatorship, local quality products and innovative proposal.
A new hotspot, worth visiting ; Follow Taxonomy on their social networks, the new store that exposes the best national creatives and where you can find the best Mexican pieces and publishers.

Río Amazonas 73, Col. Renacimiento, Cuauhtémoc, 06500 Ciudad de México, CDMX

Mon - Fri, 10am - 9pm Saturday, 11am - 9pm Sunday, 11am - 5pm